We are a forensic construction defect consulting company providing answers to complex questions for attorneys, insurance carriers, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors. The cdP tag line, Pioneering Forensic Advancement, accurately describes the cutting edge technology the company employs to deliver immediate, accurate and reliable consulting services.

We are construction experts for construction cost estimating and contractor standard of care. Similar to our construction consulting services, as a construction cost expert witness we provide various services. To see a full line of our construction expert services click services. Our trial support division provides close and personal attention to sculpt your witness examination to help tell your story to the jury. To learn more about trial support and the amazing trial graphics and 3D images click trial support. Do you need any mcle's? Our expert construction training program offers in person construction related training. We have developed several fun, exciting, and interactive presentations to keep you entertained, learning, and earning mcles at the same time. Read about all the amazing blog topics here.  Please fill out our form.

cdP has developed its core competencies by (1) establishing a process utilizing the 3A=W (Acquire + Analyze + Answer = Win) methodology, (2) utilizing the most advanced information technology tools to execute the 3A=W process, and (3) employing well trained, experienced experts in the field of construction defects. By forming strong relationships with our clients and differentiating itself from the competitors, cdP believes it can create a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals.